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My Story:

Born and raised in New York City. I started drawing in my early 20’s when I was handed a technical drawing pen that felt so right in my hand that the black inked line took on a life of its own.

Of late I use a menagerie of colored pencils, gel pens, and acrylic markers. Music, sport, nature, various personal preoccupations are motifs that leap out from my imagination. Most pictures are unplanned. I lay a line and create by instinct. Once a piece is hatched, it becomes. Until I conclude it's done.

I may be self-taught. But I don’t consider my art to be “outsider.” I live in and breathe New York City. My visual heroes include 20th century art namesakes. My art has been described as “urban, jazzy, non-drug induced psychedelic mayhem.” It has been characterized as belonging to the “free figuration” #figurationlibre movement.

EU Representation and Permanent Exhibition 2021-present:
Galerie Plurielle
65 & 76, Grand'rue Mario Roustan 34 200 
Sete, France.


2022, September-December, Art on the Corner Group Show, 2780 Broadway, Morningside Heights, NY

2022, July-September,  Art on the Corner Group Show, 2780 Broadway, Morningside Heights, NY

2022, May-June, Art on the Corner Group Show, 2780 Broadway, Morningside Heights, NY

2021, July: Art on the Corner, Group Show, 2780 Broadway,, Morningside Heights, NY

2019: New York Public Library, Morningside Heights, NY.  Solo Show: “Mike Jacobs: On Fire.”

2018: New York Public Library, Bloomingdale, NY. Solo Show. 

2016: Manhattan Mini Storage, NY. Group Show: Fresh Out of Storage, “A look back at a lifetime of art.”

2013: Upstream Gallery, Group show, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.  .

2008-10:  Brooklyn, NY. Permanent display, twojakes Gallery. Solo Show.

2007: GaGa Gallery, Garnersville, NY. Group Show: "Outside-In."
2006: Soke Fine Art Gallery, Denver CO.  Group show.

2005: Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT. Solo show.


Included/featured in:

Brunelle, Justin. (2019) NYCAesthetic Almanac, Past, Present Future, Volume 1. The Gershwin House, NY.

Jacobs, Mike. (2020, April). FU Coronavirus. The Pandemic Post: A Relief Quaranzine, p. 9.